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Bel Air de Forro
(Brésil / France)
Passion for the forró of north-eastern brazil
For everyone
This musical trio with its passion for the music of Brazil’s Nordeste region was formed from the encounter between a Brazilian singer, a São Paulo percussionist and a traditional accordionist from Brittany. Their shared love is for the collective and popular dance style, forró. The eleven tunes on their first album, Na Estrada, showcased their stamina, their syncopated, swaying rhythms and their bright and joyful sound – an invitation for anyone who loves to dance. The group’s second album, Sertao Do Mar is just out.

Mariana Caetano is an actor and singer-songwriter who was born in Rio de Janeiro and came to France in 2004. She has two solo albums to her name, Caju and Mé ô Mond. She immediately hit it off with Breton accordion player Yann Le Corre (Karma, Kreiz Breizh Akademi#3, ‘Ndiaz, Nor Quartet, Jean Louis Le Vallégant, Faustine Audebert) due to their shared love of Brazil’s Nordeste region, where they both had travelled. This is the area where forró comes from, a dance style with a range of variations such as baião, xote, quadrille, coco, frevo and ciranda. The third member of Bel Air de Forro is percussionist and São Paulo native Marcelo Costa (Um Trio Viralata, Dañs er Jeko, Antônio Nobrega, etc.) who specialises in the pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine) and zabumba (bass drum from North-eastern Brazil).

With their constant quest for a unique world of sound, building bridges between forró itself, simpler traditional rhythms and richer, more modern harmonies, Mariana Caetano, Yann Le Corre and Marcelo Costa form a formidable outfit that will get you dancing. With Mariana’s deep voice using both French and Portuguese, the group delights audiences with its energy, fresh sound and generous musical approach.

Take up their invitation to dance with a partner, your family or a group of friends.


Three musicians with a rich musical background – Mariana Caetano (singer, triangle), Yann Le Corre (accordion, backing vocals) and Marcelo Costa (percussion, backing vocals) – have been playing forró dance music together since 2012. Forró is a Nordeste traditional dance and music style that is to Brazil what the tango is to Argentina. Bel Air de Forro light up the stage and get their audience dancing, with their whirling fusion of styles driven by a virtuoso accordionist from the new generation of Breton musicians and a surgically precise percussionist from São Paulo. They work with popular Brazilian musical traditions such as forró and xote (dances for couples), caranda (circle dance), coco (beach dance), and quadrille (danced at Brazil’s festa de São João). The group has released two albums, Na Estrada (2016) and Sertao Do Mar (2019), and has a busy schedule of gigs.


Chant, triangle : Mariana Caetano
Accordéon, choeurs : Yann Le Corre
Percussions, choeurs : Marcelo Costa
Son : Glenn Besnard
Production : Madame Bobage et Matthieu Baudet

Saturday 06 July 2019
20:30 > 21:45
Place de la Mairie, Rennes

Station de Métro : République • Lignes de Bus : Toutes les lignes desservant le centre-ville, arrêt République • Station Vélo : République

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