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Les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with Ay-Roop present
Madeleine Cazenave et Camille Saglio
Two die-hard, big dreamers whose instrumental or lyrical exchanges ring out like an ode to the great escape in this imaginary and poetical journey across the world, far beyond any genre, dogma or borders.

These two artists met while writing the musical score for a magical cabaret by Compagnie 14:20, produced in summer 2016 at Le Théâtre du Rond-Point and inspired by major illusion poets such as Etienne Saglio (who Les Tombées de la Nuit regulars know well), Yann Frisch and Eric Antoine. The title was Nous rêveurs définitifs – we are die-hard dreamers. Three little words that perfectly summed up their respective careers and laid the foundations for their shared adventure. Dreams are the starting point for the experiments and projects of Madeleine Cazenave – a pianist who broke free of classical music, following in the footsteps of trailblazers such as Erik Satie, Keith Jarret, Nina Simone, Tigran Hamasyan and Shai Maestro – and Camille Saglio – a multi-instrumentalist and singer whose experiments have taught him to juggle sounds (guitar, ngoni, oud, sampler) and languages (Arabic, Bambara, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, etc.) from across the world. Their instrumental and lyrical pieces and wandering dialogues naturally transcend borders and dogmas, blurring the lines between composition and improvisation as an ode to the great escape, to another way of engaging with the world, travelling the world and letting the world travel to you. They feature harmonious compositions and modal turns of phrase, Mediterranean and West African influences, lyrics based on reality and unfettered daydreams, crafted miniatures and floating improvisations, ethereal songs and earthy songs, whose melodies collide in mid-air, without theatricality nor excess, spanning all genres and areas in an authentic hymn to poetical life. It is no coincidence that the title is Azadi, meaning “liberty” or “freedom” in Kurdish and a number of other dialects.



A composer and improviser with classical and jazz training, whose activities include solo piano projects (e.g. the albums Octobre and Matines, released in 2011 and 2015), cinema concerts and collaborations with Etienne Saglio, whom she supported on Projet fantôme.


Camille started learning the guitar and singing, but soon added the oud, ngoni and sampler to his musical portfolio. He founded two trios (Sôdi, adapting poems from across the world to music, then Manafina) and has also written short stories, fairy tales and plays which he performs on stage.


Piano : Madeleine Cazenave / Voice, guitar, oud, n’goni, sampler : Camille Saglio

Friday 07 July 2017
Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, Rennes
Théâtre du Vieux st Étienne

5€ (Excluding rental fees) / 2€ (rate sortir)
110 people
Lignes a-C1-C5-9, arrêt ou Station Sainte-Anne / LE vélo STAR : Sainte-Anne

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