Photo : Adagio © Andrea Messana
Les Tombées de la Nuit, as part of festival Waterproof, present
Adagio per un Nuovo Millennio – Capitolo Uno
Mauro Paccagnella (IT), Monia Montali (IT), Lisa Gunstone (UK) • Compagnie Wooshing Machine (BE)
Let’s (slow) dance
For all ages

The Wooshing Machine company is returning to Rennes after Magnificent 4, in which they took their rhythm to the streets of the city in July 2021.

Adagio per un Nuovo Millennio – Capitolo Uno is an encounter between three artists and twenty or so Rennes residents and accomplices based on a choreographic practice of slow and measured movements: “slow move”, born from the need to reconnect with others after the first lockdown. Here, the collaboration involves sensitivity and attention to one another as bodies and movements retake their place as the basis for communication.

Adagio puts (physical) presence back front and centre, reaffirming the body’s role as a vector of connection. Three choreographers communicate the uniqueness of their emotional journeys to emphasise an authentic “here and now” moment through slowness.

Adagio per un Nuovo Millennio – Capitolo Uno offers all the emotion of a group moving together, in which the individual remains true to themselves, in a both choral and solo approach.

Waterproof is co-organised by Le Triangle, Cité de la danse and Danse à tous les étages – Scène de territoire, L’intervalle – Scène de territoire de Noyal-sur-Vilaine and Opéra de Rennes. It has been co-developed by some twenty cultural players in the Rennes region.

Saturday 04 February 2023
17:30 > 17:55
Salle de la Cité, 10 Rue Saint-Louis, Rennes
Saturday 04 February 2023
20:00 > 20:25
Salle de la Cité, 10 Rue Saint-Louis, Rennes

6€ full price, 4€ Waterpass price, 2€ Sortir ! price
cognitif moteur visuel
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The association is supported by the City of Rennes, the Brittany Region, the Ille-et-Vilaine Department & the ministry of culture.

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