Photo : © Lucky Shots © Cie Woest
I know what you did next summer
You can’t come to the summer festival, so the summer festival is coming to you ! Each week, learn more about the artists that were booked for the 2020 edition, with this overview of a lineup that will not be.

Lucas Ravinale et Loup Uberto (IT)

Le mur du son typographique – Compagnie les Zarkyroul (FR)

La Sonothèque Nomade – La Fausse Compagnie (FR)

Parbleu ! – Atelier Lefeuvre-André (FR)

Pasture with Cows – Captain Boomer (BE)

Belle Arché Lou (FR)

Boxing – Fraser Hooper (NZ)

Studio Cité – Benjamin Vandewalle (BE)

The Tiger Lillies (UK)

Les Classique du GRAMI – 1 montreur d’ours (FR)

Stene Moshka (FR / NO)

L’Épicerie musicale – Jérôme Minière (FR)

Lucky Shots – Compagnie Woest (BE)

Heinz Baut – Georg Traber (CH)

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