Photo : © La Transumante © Nicolas Joubard
Films of Les Tombées
Delve into Les Tombées de la Nuit’s project through video, with some of the essential events of our history. It’s an opportunity, each week, to rediscover the city as a playground and public space as a junction between local residents and art.

Aftermovie 2017

© Benoist Lhuillery –

Aftermovie 2016

© Benoist Lhuillery –

We Can Be HeroesGroupenfonction (FR)June 2018

Levée des conflitsBoris Charmatz (FR)July 2013

© CREA Université Rennes 2

The Color of TimeCie Artonik (FR) – March 2016

Projet FantômeEtienne Saglio (FR)Year 2016

KatenaCie Architects of Air (GB)May 2016

Culture in the Public Square

Les Veilleurs de Rennes

Culture in the Public Square

Anima (Ex) Musica

Cédric Brandilly

Dominoes – Station House Opéra (UK) – Juillet 2015

© CREA Université Rennes 2

© Benoist Lhuillery – Teaser Prod

Une Nuit au Jardin – Juillet 2010

© Atelier Vertigo

Le Radeau Utopique – L’École Parallèle Imaginaire (FR) – March & July 2016

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