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Culture in public space

In 2017, Les Tombées de la Nuit started a partnership with KuB (Kulture/Bretagne), a Breton online media dedicated to the cultural field. Supported by Région Bretagne and DRAC Bretagne, and associated with the Breton Audiovisual Project, KuB has been building a memory of cultural policies and actions, thus fulfilling the public service mission of promoting access to culture. Les Tombées de la Nuit had been wanting to put things into perspective and to start thinking about their own project through the audiovisual lens, with testimonies of the people making it happen: teams, artists, communities, etc. And because KuB belongs to the slow media movement, the partnership was built with the same approach. Culture in public space, the importance of context in the artistic process, these are the themes at the heart of the first few films of the collection. It explores and exemplifies the very substance of Les Tombées de la Nuit’s project.

Collectif 49 701

Anne-Cécile Esteve

Massimo Furlan


Dan Acher

Les Veilleurs de Rennes

Cédric Brandilly

Mathieu Desailly
Tout reste à faire

Caroline Melon
De Chair et d’Os

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