Photo : Gavin Bryars © Vincent Ducard
Autres Mesures, Les Tombées de la Nuit & L’Antipode, as part of festival Autres Mesures, present
Qui parle ombre
Gavin Bryars & Midget !
(United Kingdom / France)
Art music meets popular music

Having reached the ears of the composer and pioneer of free improvisation Gavin Bryars (through Bertrand Belin who himself performed one of his operas), Midget!’s latest album, Ferme tes jolis cieux, owes a lot to the work of the British artist, as much in its form as in the ideas that bring it to life.

During the making of this album, and particularly on the track Premier Soleil, Midget! had in mind the circulatory cello movement of The Sinking of the Titanic, as well as the incantatory and repetitive patterns of Bryars’ other masterpiece, Jesus Blood never failed me yet. When a collaboration was suggested by Gavin Bryars, Midget! decided to entrust him with the composition of the orchestral arrangements for his next album. He became conductor of the orchestra, fusing his new compositions into a single piece thanks to his genius for timbres and sound matter.

The articulation between art and popular music – from Léos Janacek to Caroline Shaw all the way to Ben Johnston – this is the original idea behind this work.

This collaboration will bear fruit on stage with a four-piece choir, an octet (consisting of violin, viola, cello, flute, bassoon, oboe, vibraphone/timbales) and Gavin Bryars himself on double bass. Midget! will collaborate with the protean Ensemble 0 for the instrumental part and Macadam for the vocal polyphony. There is no doubt that the versatile virtuosity of these ensembles will serve the project well.

The opening act will be the Belgian bass clarinettist and composer Ben Bertrand. A synthesis of very diverse influences, his universe is based on traditional and ancestral music, American minimalists such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and current electronic music. Ben Bertrand skilfully manages to bridge the gap between extreme modernity and references to the past.

Sunday 22 January 2023
L’Antipode MJC, 75 Avenue Jules Maniez, Rennes
Opening Doors > 16h

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For all ages
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